Sonia Herbert

Psychotherapy and Counselling

How I work

I am an integrative psychotherapist; this means that I integrate elements from different schools of psychotherapy in order to respond effectively and appropriately to the person as a whole. I believe theoretically there is no one truth, different people need different approaches and interventions at differing times. I have a hopeful view of human beings and believe that we are influenced by external forces as well as our unconscious.

I work either short term or open ended.

A counselling session is up to 50 minutes and we will usually meet weekly. When we first meet we will look at confidentiality, practical issues and any questions you may have.


Please contact me on t: 07886 513 448 or e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

For details regarding supervision, please call or email to request information.  As a trainer of counsellors I have a good insight into the expectations of colleges/universities, and also the expectations from yourself as a trainee with regards to personal therapy and supervision.


Confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bewdley | Worcestershire

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